Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello Again!

Here we are! Living in Missouri - the "show me state". FYI I looked up why it is called the "show me state" and there are conflicting stories. Basically it means, "oh yeah? Well show me!" Less talk, more action. I think. Google it.

Life has been interesting since we left PA. We were living in a Residence Inn in O'Fallon. The staff was lovely and the hotel was actually a pretty decent place to stay... if you didn't have three busy little boys. I didn't blog because I was just trying to survive.

The Pros of living in a hotel was I had no other obligations and was able to spend a lot of time with the boys and just play with them. That was also one of the cons... not a lot of room to escape. Did I mention that it was above 100 degrees outside almost every day? We were on the fourth floor too so it got a little warm sometimes. Fortunately we had an indoor pool and we escaped there almost every evening.

Here are some pictures from our hotel living experience.

Of course most of the pictures are of Sammy, and rightly so - he is so dang cute and funny. Besides, his life needs to be chronicled. I will write more later!