Thursday, March 29, 2012


For those who don’t know, we went to Florida on Feb 26 – March 4.  I would have started writing and blogging about it earlier, but it seems that one thing after another has happened since then – Sam got croup and as a result I threw out my back (31 lb baby toddler likes to be carried when he is sick).  Then it was Young Women stuff and then I have been dealing with a crazy allergy season which has made me feel like I have a nasty cold, sore throat.  Anyway – on to the fun stuff!
On Ben’s birthday we headed to Legoland, about 50 minutes outside of Orlando.  The boys loved it!  The rides were great – just right for little boys under the age of 10.

DSC_0029Everything in Legoland is made of Legos – except for the rides of course. Makes sense, though right?DSC_0033
Here’s Ben taking a nap on a less than exciting car ride.
Here is Sammy looking VERY tired. He managed to make it through the day with a little nap in the stroller.
Gabe taking a ride on a Knight’s horse.
Ben showing us his horse riding prowess.
While in miniature town we saw a pirate battle.
We visited the Mini lego statue of liberty.
We even got to visit Las Vegas.
Gabe made a new friend.
Sam made a new friend too.
Gabe and Ben also took a short driver’s ed class and learned the basic rules of the road.  Then they got a chance to try out what they learned.
Here is Gabe – he stopped waaaay before the red light which is good, however, he was on the wrong side of the road.  Oh well.  I am hoping things will get better over time.  After the driving experience they both received a “driver’s license”.  They carried it around with them for the rest of the week.
Ben did a solo turn on the boat ride.
Here’s Ben in a bit of a pickle. Notice the woman in the boat behind him. She knows she is not going anywhere soon.  He finally managed to zig zag his way back.
Ben’s makeshift birthday cake.  A chocolate layered Sara Lee cake. I know – it’s not exactly the most awesome birthday cake.  BUT WE WERE IN FLORIDA!!!