Sunday, March 20, 2011

New way to remove baby teeth

When I was younger and losing my baby teeth, my dad liked to experiment with ways to remove our teeth when they were coming loose. Most of the time he would chase us around the house, pin us down, yank it out with his fingers.

Not too long ago Mike, Ben, and Gabe were wrestling on the living room floor. Ben was riding on Mike's back, while Mike was being the bull and Mike bucked him and Ben flew forward landing on his face. When Mike looked up he saw two little white teeth on the floor and Ben was covering his mouth while blood trickled out. Prior to this, Ben had been coddling those teeth, too afraid to pull them out on his own. They were barely hanging on, but Ben stubbornly kept them attached.

After the teeth expelling incident, Mike told Ben, when Ben misbehaved, that if he didn't watch it Mike would knock his teeth out.

Where has the time gone! Time to catch up

So, I admit that it has been a while since I last wrote. The reason is simple - I despise our computer that takes 30 minutes to start up, cranks along at the breakneck speed of a snail, and is in the dank, dark, basement. Because of the impending doom (not yet but certainly in the near distant future) of this PC we decided to get this new piece of instrument called a "laptop"! 

If you don't already know about this fabulous piece of technology I highly recommend it! I can hook it up anywhere - the kitchen, in my bedroom, the bathroom (probably not a good idea though). Mike and I are shocked that we didn't get it sooner! To top it off, it is faster and has more space than our big PC.

Well, I guess I will pick up where I left off and tell you the good stuff. Forgive me for going back in time, but I am doing this for the sake of posterity.

In the beginning of December Ben showed me a funny little red mark on his bum cheek - looked a little like a pimple. I shrugged it off and told him to leave it alone and it would go away. It didn't. I took little Sam in for a dr. appt and told the doc that Ben had what looked like a boil on his bottom. The doc's reaction made me a little nervous. He wrote up a prescription for an oral antibiotic, gave me some antibiotic cream and said to watch it closely.

Meanwhile, at school Ben was having trouble sitting on his left butt cheek because it hurt. His teacher asked if he was ok and he said, "I have a nipple on my private parts." Not the explanation she was expecting, I'm sure. I sent a note to school explaining the situation.

Finally, the boil opened up and we did our best to keep it clean and open so it could do what it was supposed to do - I will spare you the gruesome, yet fascinating details.

On Monday, my birthday, I took Ben to the doctor to get it checked out and he told us that it was probably MRSA and to take him to the ER so he could get is opened and drained. At the hospital things were all fine and dandy while we waited until Sam (who was on his own course of antibiotics) gives me the present of a full throttle, up the back, all over the clothes, blowout in his diaper. I picked a secluded corner, stripped him naked, washed him down, and put him in a new set of clothes.

Fortunately Dad showed up in time to be there by Ben's side while he was cut - I can't watch, I get a little oogie. The boil is healed with no more infection residing in our home - til the next crazy event.