Sunday, March 20, 2011

New way to remove baby teeth

When I was younger and losing my baby teeth, my dad liked to experiment with ways to remove our teeth when they were coming loose. Most of the time he would chase us around the house, pin us down, yank it out with his fingers.

Not too long ago Mike, Ben, and Gabe were wrestling on the living room floor. Ben was riding on Mike's back, while Mike was being the bull and Mike bucked him and Ben flew forward landing on his face. When Mike looked up he saw two little white teeth on the floor and Ben was covering his mouth while blood trickled out. Prior to this, Ben had been coddling those teeth, too afraid to pull them out on his own. They were barely hanging on, but Ben stubbornly kept them attached.

After the teeth expelling incident, Mike told Ben, when Ben misbehaved, that if he didn't watch it Mike would knock his teeth out.


  1. No pictures of the missing and/or bloody teeth?

  2. I spoke too soon, I saw the picture of the missing teeth in the November post.

  3. Nuh uh! That is just way too funny! Man, talk about Ben having a good story to tell when he gets older about his "ol' man knocking him around a bit." HAHA! :) What cute boys you have!