Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baskets make great hats

This is just funny. I love how kids can take any empty vessel and try to turn it into a hat. Makes life more interesting.

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Mommy Chronicles

This past week we had a Dr. appt. for Ben at his asthma/allergist. I tend to feel like the mom with wild hooligans - maybe I need to call Supernanny. The boys were pretty good throughout the appointment until it was time to leave. Here is how it went down. Gabe saw a toy that looked like it needed to come home with him. So, I try to convince him to put it back and after much arguing (with a 2 year old) I manage to wrest it from his fingers. In the meantime, Ben is at the elevator ready to go down -without any of us. While I am putting the toy away Gabe runs over to the elevator and the first thought that goes through my head is "FINGERS!" Fortunately he pushes the call button just as the door is closing (with Ben in it) and it reopens and Gabe wanders in. I started yelling - "Ben, hold the door!" He did and I ran in. We make it downstairs and Ben makes a beeline for the door to the outside and Gabe immediately starts heading up the stairs to go back up to the Dr.'s office - probably to go get another toy or just to go up the fun, circular stairs. I yell for Ben to stay inside and try to keep Gabe from going up. There is of course bystanders who are chuckling or a little irritated. Gabe starts screaming as loud as he can and Ben by this point has completely disregarded my pleas to stay inside. I grab Gabe firmly under the arm to do the lift - always a challenge with a screaming, writhing toddler. Now I am starting to approach that ears burning point (the one where smoke starts coming out my ears). We race out the door, chasing after Ben, who is doing his own thing. I manage to scold Ben over Gabe's screeching and we finally get to the car. I think I yelled at some point - the crazy woman yell, "STOP IT!" This does no good. It only gives more fodder to the toddler.
After about 5 minutes of Gabe screaming in the car, he gave in and sucked his pacifire and sniffed his blankie. Ben said, "Whew - that was loud, I am glad that is over with." Here, Here!
I love the little munchkins, no matter what. It's always good to look back at the mayhem and laugh. I always enjoy chuckling when I see others in the same predicament.

Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs tonight - since the Easter Bunny is expected tomorrow. It is all fun and games until Gabe comes along and decides to start swinging wet colored eggs all over as Ben tries to grab them. We got through about 7 eggs before we closed up shop. Fun times. These are the memories we love.

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Ben eating soup

Ben had some imaginary soup this evening - we don't feed our kids real food - just imaginary. In this case it was vegetable soup. I think that the colander hat enhances the whole experience.

Goofy Pirates

Ben and Gabe love to put on their pirate hats and have some fierce pirate battles. Gabe says in his most scurvy pirate voice, "AAAAARG MATEY!" It's too cute!
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Gabe the Pirate & Ben the Menace

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pizza and a movie night

We had a very kid friendly weekend. On Saturday we flew a kite in the morning, went swimming at the pool in the afternoon (Ben is like a fish once we discovered that he likes wearing goggles!) and had pizza and watched "The Bee Movie". Notice the picture below - the pizza is as big as Gabe's head - maybe bigger. Doesn't stop him from attacking it though. Gabe said, "Num Num! Lelicious!" He loves to eat!

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Talent Show

On Friday night the ward had a talent show and Ben decided that he wanted to sing the Hokey Pokey. When he got to the front he noticed that the audience was pretty large and a little scary, so he invited me to join him. Gabe joined us for a bit of it too. The audience joined in a rousing rendition of the Hokey Pokey. Ben led us with his right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and head. He did great!!! The talent show was fantastic. We saw all sorts of different talents - jumping, piano playing, violin, karate, lip-synch guitar playing, dancing - all very cute. Ben and his friend Jake also displayed their Lego creations - a popular item among 5 - 8 year old boys.

On the way home Mike and I were congratulating Ben on what a great job he did to which Ben responded, "I was a little nervous. I was emprehensive (apprehensive)." Impressive word usage. Mike said, "You were apprehensive, huh?" Ben corrected him, "No, EMPrehensive." 5 year olds know best, I guess.

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Taking a mud bath

For Ben's birthday, one of his friends - Jake, gave him mud for the bath. Ben loves it - getting dirty while taking a bath. Gabe is a little freaked out by it. But of course, that didn't stop Mike from putting it on him.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ben turned 5

On February 27 the celebration began. It is the birthday of the oldest child in our family - little Ben. Of course, there has been a lot of anticipation for this event. We have been discussing for several months now. Ben had a list about a mile long of what he wanted to get. It was pretty much anything he saw in the store or advertised on TV. But, as we narrowed it down, he wanted Lego's, Bionicles, and Transformers. He did pretty good too. He got lots of Lego's and a couple Bionicles. No Transformers, but he didn't seem to notice.

The guest list for our party started out rather copious. So were the birthday plans. I was not very excited about spending cash on Chuck E Cheese - especially since we did that last year. Does every year have to be a big bash? Someone gave me the fabulous idea of having a big birthday party every other year. PERFECT! Ben and I (mostly me) agreed to have a quiet, intimate party with some of his best buddies. On Wednesday Sophia and Billy came over and we had pizza and cake. It was lots of fun. Then, the fun didn't end there. On Saturday we took Ben's best buddy Jake to the bowling alley with us. This was Ben's first time bowling and it was hysterical! Ben weighs about 39 lbs and the ball (the lightest one) weighed about 6 lbs. That would be like me trying to bowl with a 25 lb ball (or so). What Ben did was lie down on his stomach and push the ball. I think the ball moved at the pace of about 1 mile an hour. We would eat some pizza, have a drink and then finally Ben's ball would make it to the end to knock out about 2 or 3 pins and we would all clap. It was really cute. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us. DUH!!! Ben did say that he loves the game. It was fun

Ben and Gabe eating cake

Ben was so overcome with excitement while we sang Happy Birthday to him.
Having more cake with Dad after dinner.
Gabe eating his ice cream cake with his hands - brrrrrr, cold. He still managed to put it all down though. A little coldness never stops him.
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Ben's Birthday - 5 years old

Ben opening presents from Fairchild and Featherstone grandparents - they both gave him the same set of Lego's - which is good - one can never have enough Lego's.

Ben trying to rip open a present from his good friend Sophia.
Sophia, Billy, and Ben. While we were driving to school on his birthday he told me how much he loves his friends - Billy, Sophia, Jake, Rachel, Caleb, Chase, and Colin. He said, "Wow, I have seven fun friends!"
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