Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photos - Gabe and Ben's parade

Here is a before picture of Gabe on Sunday
Here is the after photo after we chopped off his hair

Ben showing off his Halloween gift
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Photos of Halloween and Autumn walk

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Week of Halloween Festivities

So, it all started on Saturday. We went to the Montgomery Mall for a trick or treat fest. All the stores had someone outside handing out candy. There was a costumer contest, music and dancing. Quite the festivity. Then, on Sunday for our afternoon walk (the weather is perfectly autumnal) Ben had to wear his Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume of course. He fought off bad guys the entire way with his two makeshift swords. On Monday was Ben's school Fall Festival. Very fun. It was his first official Halloween parade. Gabe had a great time too. Tonight we are headed to a church Trunk or Treat and then tomorrow we are going to a friend's house for dinner and trick or treats later. Will Halloween ever end? Just kidding... I love it.

Other big news - we cut Gabe's hair. Mike has been pestering me to do this for a long while and I reluctantly acquiesced. It makes me so sad because it is a transition from babyhood to boyhood. But, he is still my cuddly little munchkin.

Love you all!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ben at the dentist (my Dad)

Ben was awesome at the dentist.

Suite at the Venetian

Playing in the Pool

More photos

Ben at Red Rock Canyon, NV
Jill and Gabe at Snow Canyon
Ben at Red Rock Canyon

Pictures of Pine Valley, Utah

Playing at the park in St. George

Hello Family and Friends!

So, I am going to do a blog about what is happening with the Pennsylvania Fairchild family.

We have been having a great time lately. We were in St. George and Las Vegas on Oct 11th through Oct 20th. The boys did pretty well on our flight from PA to NV. Gabe only screamed for about 20 minutes right before he fell asleep and then 15 minutes later, the plane landed. Oh well. At least he slept a little bit. Ben is a seasoned flier. He has been on more flights in 4 1/2 years than I did in my first 20 years of life.

When we got to NV we dropped off our bags at Mom and Dad's then drove 2 hours to St. George. We were exhausted by the time we got to St. George. We stayed in Las Palmas in a very nice condo - thanks to Mom and Dad. St. George was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time. We (as in all the boys except for Gabe) went to the Fiesta Family Fun Center on Friday. The boys rode on bumperboats in the water, go carts, played video games and had a blast. Ben said it was a "dast" which apparently is way better than a blast. We also went to Snow Canyon and visited the Sand Dunes. The munchkins had a great time rolling around in the sand. It was beautiful (not the sand in the underwear and diapers though).

On Sunday Dad, Mike, Ben, Gabe, and I went to Pine Valley, Utah for church. It is about 30 minutes north of St. George. We attended church at the oldest standing church house in the LDS church - one of my great great great (who knows how many greats) grandfather Snow was the first bishop of the ward. Pine Valley is amazing. Mike wants to retire there. It is a little strange though because the only children that live there are the ones that visit their grandparents. It is like a reverse "Children of the Corn" - only old people. Just kidding - sort of.

The rest of our week was spend in Henderson at Mom and Dad's house. We played in the pool, did a little sight seeing, had dental appointments, played lots of Wii. One night Mike and I went into Vegas and stayed at the Venetian. The room was very nice. Three TV's in a one bedroom suite. We didn't really walk around the strip much... since we have done that many times. Instead, we went out to a nice restaurant and then just hung out in the room watching TV in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. It was actually a lot of fun. We also got to see Amber and Ethan - went for a hike in Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful of course. Amber made us an awesome Korean dinner - enough food to feed a small Korean village or my brother Ethan.

We had a great time in Nevada and Utah. We miss family ALOT! But, I am glad we are here for the time. We are looking forward to staying home for a little while and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Love you all. Come and visit us if you can!! I'll do my best to update on a regular basis. Keep your fingers crossed.