Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week of Halloween Festivities

So, it all started on Saturday. We went to the Montgomery Mall for a trick or treat fest. All the stores had someone outside handing out candy. There was a costumer contest, music and dancing. Quite the festivity. Then, on Sunday for our afternoon walk (the weather is perfectly autumnal) Ben had to wear his Mighty Morphin Power Ranger costume of course. He fought off bad guys the entire way with his two makeshift swords. On Monday was Ben's school Fall Festival. Very fun. It was his first official Halloween parade. Gabe had a great time too. Tonight we are headed to a church Trunk or Treat and then tomorrow we are going to a friend's house for dinner and trick or treats later. Will Halloween ever end? Just kidding... I love it.

Other big news - we cut Gabe's hair. Mike has been pestering me to do this for a long while and I reluctantly acquiesced. It makes me so sad because it is a transition from babyhood to boyhood. But, he is still my cuddly little munchkin.

Love you all!!

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