Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here's how Gabe gets what he wants... maybe

Gabe has this wonderful technique called - "Immediately turn on the water works if the answer is no". It is not always effective - in fact more often than not, it just gets him a trip to time out. But, I admit that I have been known to use the same technique, although I use the power of persuasion and hint technique more often - it is a little bit more subtle. I am sure that at some point both boys will master this as well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hanging at the pool

The boy's favorite thing to do in Vegas was hang out in Grandma and Grandpa's pool of course.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Zion National Park

Good Buddies - Ben, Richard, and Thomas - they all had a good time on the hike down from Emerald Pools. Thomas was so cute - he calls me "Anshill" - Aunt Jill.

The Upper Emerald Pool

At the Upper Emerald Pool we all took a break and the kids played in the water - which was pretty cold. The Upper Pool is in a little cove sourrounded by beautiful red cliff walls. The accoustics are fantastic and everyone talks quietly because you can hear what everyone says. It is rather serene....except when Ben is there. Ben was putting his hands in the water and I guess he got really cold because he yelled across the pool to Mike, "My hands are cold!" He repeated it several times and each yell became more and more shrill until he was frantically flapping his hands. Everyone stopped and looked - how could they not - Ben had unwittingly become the center of everyone's attention. Mike yelled back at Ben the most obvious response, "WELL QUIT PUTTING YOUR HANDS IN THE WATER!" Ben became hysterical, "I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I wanna go home!" So, I decided to claim Ben at that point (just a little embarrased) and hurried him away from everyone so they could enjoy their lunch. Emotions escalated quickly with my little man.

Hiking at Emerald Pools

On our first day at Zion National Park we hiked (with the kids) to the Emerald Pools - and we did the full 3 miles with them. Gabe lasted most of the way til the end and Mike walked down a couple of switchbacks with Gabe bobbing around in his arms - fully asleep.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

All these cute cousins! I couldn't get enough photos - we only took about 400 or so. Zion is the perfect backdrop too.

Here is Ben giving me his sour face - stop taking my picture!! I was taking away precious playtime!

Zion National Park Family Reunion

Stacey and Maggie at the entrance to Zion's National Park

Cute Milo!

All those boys!

Cute little Maggie - Ben thought she was really funny.

Sweet little Lilly! I love this picture, it makes me want to snuggle her!

Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter weekend we went to Waterworks Park for an Easter Egg hunt. LOTS of kids. They unleash them in groups by age and since we were with little ones, we went with the 2 - 3 year olds. Once the horn blew we were off in a frantic race to grab as many eggs as we could - everyone except Ben and Gabe who were confused by the rush of people. Gabe caught on and managed to get about 8 eggs and Ben managed to get 4. Ben is so cute, though - he was worried that he would get the beeping eggs, which were for blind children - that is why he didn't jump in right away. So - recap - we waited for about 20 minutes and the egg hunt was over in about 30 seconds. The things we do to create holiday memories.

Ben, Gabe, and little friend model the latest in Easter hats.

Ben's art work

On April 11 Mike painted the boys room a nice shade of blue. Ben assisted and created a masterpiece - he painted a picture of Mike painting. Imaginative, no?

Early April

There is a really cute park nearby called "Waterworks Park". It has a pretty waterfall and a great play area. However, Ben - as always had to urgently relieve himself (I think he takes after me). I told him to back away from the river and water a tree. I felt a little spray and I turned around and Ben was releasing a small waterfall on the rock directly behind me. UGH! "Ben! Pee away from people, not towards them!!" I know - you are probably wondering why I let him pee in the open in the first place. No one was around and if Ben was only allowed to pee in a bathroom then we would never be able to leave our house. Below is the rock with Ben's waterfall.