Monday, May 14, 2012

More photos of Sammy and his birthday


We celebrated Sammy’s birthday with Grandma and Grandpa, but we couldn’t just let the actual day of his birth go by without any fanfare – no matter how simple we kept it.

I took him to the mall (to run an errand) and while we were there, I cashed out five dollars and let Sammy ride in every single one of the little moving rides – you know the ones the rock back and forth or up and down and play some video game song.  Needless to say – he loved it.

Then, after dinner we went to the park and played and opened presents.  Of course we had to go get his favorite treat – chocolate shake, which everyone else enjoyed too.  We love that little Sammy – he is such a funny, lovable little guy. Happy birthday little dude.



Here’s Sam yelling at Gabe “MOOOOVE!”  He can be a little bossy at times.




Ode to Mothers


Mother’s Day was lovely here in the house of Fairchild.  Mike made a delicious meal while I watched a Harry Potter movie with the boys.  I heard Mike whipping, clanking, stirring, beeping – all the noises an industrious kitchen makes.  It made me smile.  He used recipes from the April/May edition of Cook’s Country.  The chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful because it was cooked in cream – anything tastes delicious with some cream.  He made “Fingerling Potatoes” and asparagus with a Parmesan crust.  DIVINE! 

Doesn’t it look delicious?


Thanks to my sweetie! 

I have been doing some Mother’s Day pondering – thinking about all the women who have influenced me.  There are so many and not all of them are mothers with children, but are mothers at heart.  I am grateful for my own mother and mother in law – for the women that they once were and the women they are today.  I am grateful for all the women that have gone before me and set such marvelous examples.  I am grateful for good friends who are amazing and honest mothers themselves.  Being a mother is not always easy and the rewards are not always immediate, but it is worthwhile and I can honestly say that it is my favorite job (and I have had more than a few jobs).   I am also very grateful that as a mother, I can take a nap every once in awhile too!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sammy’s Birthday


On April 26th Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild came to visit us. It was great to have them here – Sammy even remembered Grandpa from when he visited in August of 2011.  Sammy had such a big grin when he saw him.  It was really sweet.

Bonnie and I took Gabe and went to the Missouri Botanic Gardens – which I must say may be my favorite St. Louis attraction.  I didn’t have my camera with me – which I wasn’t happy about, but we had a great time exploring the Garden – it was probably better not to have the camera – Gabe seemed to enjoy the undivided attention. 

While Bonnie and I did some sight seeing, Mike and Grandpa Fairchild built a nifty shop cabinet for our shop/garage space.  I am excited about it too, because now Mike can get the space organized and make me some stuff!  I am accruing a long list of plans.

On Saturday we went to the pinnacle St. Louis attraction – the Gateway Arch and museum.  It was a beautiful day – warm, with a cool breeze.  In the afternoon Bonnie, me and the boys went to the school carnival and enjoyed more outdoor fun.  It was a busy and exciting weekend.

186Ben swimming in the Gateway museum.



Family Photos


Photos from the carnival.



On Sunday night we did a premature celebration for Sam’s birthday. Mike made a fabulous “Raspberry White Chocolate Bombe” from a recipe in “Cook’s Country”.

We had such a great time with Bonnie and Kent – it went by so quickly! However, we will be going to CO in August and we will be there for awhile, so we will be seeing them again soon!


Since we had some leftover cake, we made an extra with chocolate frosting.  Notice the very distinct finger impressions.  They didn’t even bother to disguise their naughtiness.


I think I found a guilty chocolate frosting thief.


Mike showing off his baking skills.



Isn’t it pretty?  Yummy too.254255

Mike and Kent’s accomplishment.  Pretty Nice, eh?


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios


On Thursday morning we went to Animal Kingdom and managed to go on the rides we wanted to  - I subscribed to this awesome website called Tour Guide Mike. It was invaluable. Mike gives recommendations on what park to go to on which day, and what rides to hit first, and what to get fast passes for.  It worked out really well for us. Sidebar – Ben and I rode the “Everest” ride – definitely an adventuresome ride.  Ben was a little anxious about this because at one point during the ride we encounter the “abominable  snowman”.  However, with some encouragement, he got on.  Needless to say after the ride was over – he exclaimed loudly so everyone could hear that he “hated that ride!”.  I loved it.  By the time 1:00 rolled around we had been on every ride we wanted to go on and some we had done twice. 

Since we had a reservation for an EARLY dinner (3:45 sheesh) in Hollywood studios (combined with reservations to the “stunning spectacular show Fantasmic”) we wanted to get there early enough to ride some rides, and not be in a rush.  It was a nice leisurely afternoon – except for the allergic reaction Ben had – to who knows what.  He broke out in itchy hives all over his face.  Luckily, Hollywood Studios had an emergency clinic with Benadryl on hand.  Freaked me out a little.  We had an awesome dinner at “Hollywood and Vine”.  It was a buffet and it was AWESOME food.  I know that BUFFET and AWESOME don’t really go together very well, but the food was fresh, flavorful, and something for everyone!  Waaaaay better than Country Buffet.  That is like comparing a Frog to a Prince.  After dinner we did a couple rides and then headed to our reserved seats at the show.  The show was fun – lots of lights and fire.  The story line was a little weird – that is to say there really wasn’t a story line.  Mike kept saying – “I don’t get it, what is going on?”  Mike thinks in a linear fashion.  Nothing wrong with that.

The next day we went back to Hollywood Studios and I think my favorite ride was the Toy Story ride.  It is a virtual shooting gallery where you go from screen to screen and shoot at the different carnival games.  It was really fun.  I held Sam on my lap and Gabe had his gun next to me.  Sam didn’t get a chance to shoot because I was too busy trying to do my own shooting – Mike always kicks my butt so I had to give it my full attention.  Luckily Sam is barely two and he won’t remember that Mommy didn’t let him play.


The Kilamanjaro Raft ride is Ben’s favorite.  I managed to get Gabe to ride it with me – Gabe and I both wore rain jackets. Not getting wet was good.


Sam is such a cute little monkey.





Ben is expressing his anxiety on the African Safari ride.







Post muppet show – a tired and hungry crew.


In Hollywood Studios there is a fabulous playground based on “A Bug’s Life”.  We spent a lot of time there.





At one point we found Winnie the Pooh and Sam was so excited to see a Giant Bear that could cuddle him instead of the other way around.



Just some cute pics of the boys while killing time.DSC_0234