Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sammy’s Birthday


On April 26th Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild came to visit us. It was great to have them here – Sammy even remembered Grandpa from when he visited in August of 2011.  Sammy had such a big grin when he saw him.  It was really sweet.

Bonnie and I took Gabe and went to the Missouri Botanic Gardens – which I must say may be my favorite St. Louis attraction.  I didn’t have my camera with me – which I wasn’t happy about, but we had a great time exploring the Garden – it was probably better not to have the camera – Gabe seemed to enjoy the undivided attention. 

While Bonnie and I did some sight seeing, Mike and Grandpa Fairchild built a nifty shop cabinet for our shop/garage space.  I am excited about it too, because now Mike can get the space organized and make me some stuff!  I am accruing a long list of plans.

On Saturday we went to the pinnacle St. Louis attraction – the Gateway Arch and museum.  It was a beautiful day – warm, with a cool breeze.  In the afternoon Bonnie, me and the boys went to the school carnival and enjoyed more outdoor fun.  It was a busy and exciting weekend.

186Ben swimming in the Gateway museum.



Family Photos


Photos from the carnival.



On Sunday night we did a premature celebration for Sam’s birthday. Mike made a fabulous “Raspberry White Chocolate Bombe” from a recipe in “Cook’s Country”.

We had such a great time with Bonnie and Kent – it went by so quickly! However, we will be going to CO in August and we will be there for awhile, so we will be seeing them again soon!


Since we had some leftover cake, we made an extra with chocolate frosting.  Notice the very distinct finger impressions.  They didn’t even bother to disguise their naughtiness.


I think I found a guilty chocolate frosting thief.


Mike showing off his baking skills.



Isn’t it pretty?  Yummy too.254255

Mike and Kent’s accomplishment.  Pretty Nice, eh?


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