Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic Kingdom (Leap Day)


On Leap Day we went to the Magic Kingdom – it was open from 6 am to 6 am the following morning – which worked fine through the morning.  We were diligent about getting our Fast Passes for certain rides and got to ride every single ride we wanted to in the morning.  The boys especially enjoyed “It’s a small world” and “the pirates” rides.  Ben was very excited to ride the Haunted Mansion ride – when we were in DW about 4 years ago we went on Haunted Mansion about 5 times.  However this year, once was enough.  Both Ben and Gabe admitted to being scared during the ride so they had no desire to do it again. 

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for some rest and pool time. 

Then back at Magic Kingdom it was chaos!  We came to Florida during the low season so we could do pretty much whatever we wanted without facing giant lines.  For the most part, that was how it went.  However, because of the longer hours at Magic Kingdom, once the other parks closed, everyone and their mothers, the park employees and the mothers headed there.  It was a sea of people.  At about 8:30, after we watched the Fireworks show Ben completely lost it.  When Ben loses it, no one is allowed to have any fun (course it doesn’t work that way for me either, right?).  Anyway, we trekked out of there real fast (as fast as we could go swimming upstream).  We did have a great time though – Magic Kingdom had a fun, party vibe going on – even more than usual.  It’s once every four years, so you have to make the most of it!




The great thing about waiting in line in the Haunted Mansion is there are lots of things to keep you interested (it’s less boring than normal at least).




Love the 3-D show – Sam kept the glasses on for about 2 seconds.



Waiting in line at “It’s a Small World”





Because of Sam’s age and height, there are a lot of rides he couldn’t go on, so that meant finding something else to do while we waited for Mike and Ben (or waited for Mom and Ben – sometimes Gabe – he was a little wary of the faster rides).  We found that popsicles were a yummy and messy way to make the time pass.




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