Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mommy Chronicles

This past week we had a Dr. appt. for Ben at his asthma/allergist. I tend to feel like the mom with wild hooligans - maybe I need to call Supernanny. The boys were pretty good throughout the appointment until it was time to leave. Here is how it went down. Gabe saw a toy that looked like it needed to come home with him. So, I try to convince him to put it back and after much arguing (with a 2 year old) I manage to wrest it from his fingers. In the meantime, Ben is at the elevator ready to go down -without any of us. While I am putting the toy away Gabe runs over to the elevator and the first thought that goes through my head is "FINGERS!" Fortunately he pushes the call button just as the door is closing (with Ben in it) and it reopens and Gabe wanders in. I started yelling - "Ben, hold the door!" He did and I ran in. We make it downstairs and Ben makes a beeline for the door to the outside and Gabe immediately starts heading up the stairs to go back up to the Dr.'s office - probably to go get another toy or just to go up the fun, circular stairs. I yell for Ben to stay inside and try to keep Gabe from going up. There is of course bystanders who are chuckling or a little irritated. Gabe starts screaming as loud as he can and Ben by this point has completely disregarded my pleas to stay inside. I grab Gabe firmly under the arm to do the lift - always a challenge with a screaming, writhing toddler. Now I am starting to approach that ears burning point (the one where smoke starts coming out my ears). We race out the door, chasing after Ben, who is doing his own thing. I manage to scold Ben over Gabe's screeching and we finally get to the car. I think I yelled at some point - the crazy woman yell, "STOP IT!" This does no good. It only gives more fodder to the toddler.
After about 5 minutes of Gabe screaming in the car, he gave in and sucked his pacifire and sniffed his blankie. Ben said, "Whew - that was loud, I am glad that is over with." Here, Here!
I love the little munchkins, no matter what. It's always good to look back at the mayhem and laugh. I always enjoy chuckling when I see others in the same predicament.

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  1. So glad I'm not the only mom out there who can take two kids somewhere and almost completely lose control! I had to laugh when reading this because it is my life to a tee!