Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will Ben need therapy?

So for the past couple days Ben has had severe constipation. He spent about 3 hours sitting on the toilet on Monday. Sidebar - Ben sat on the toilet completely naked - I don't understand this need to remove all his clothes while he is trying to go number 2. I asked him several times if he would like a jacket or a shirt to which he says or yells, "NO!". Strange. Not only did he log some serious naked toilet time, but he walked around very stiff legged with his little bum poking out. Obviously he was uncomfortable. I kindly offered Ben a solution to his problem - a shot of glycerin in his tush. Ben screamed his objections to this offer. I tried to reason with him..."Ben, you would rather be uncomfortable all day long then experience 30 seconds of discomfort?" Again, more screams of terror. On Monday night after spending another 45 minutes sitting on the toilet he said he would probably never poo again. It was kind of looking that way. He walked stiffly to bed and stiffly climbed in.

Tuesday morning Mike and I were determined to provide him with some relief. Mike and I reasoned, cajoled, threatened, and bribed him. We told him that if he took the "bum medicine" he could have chocolate ice cream in a cone for breakfast. He would still not relent. So, Mike and I were driven to drastic measures. I am so ashamed to admit this, but Mike took Ben, kicking and screaming, bent him over his knee and I pulled down his underpants and VERY QUICKLY administered the glycerin. NOT FUN FOR ANYONE. Ben ran to the bathroom and later exclaimed - happily I might add - that the poo exploded out of his bum. Of course we talked about it later and I told him how we were sorry we did what we did. Then I asked him if he felt better and he said he did. I could tell he was feeling better because he was back to being his happy, silly, moving easily self.

So, the question we asked ourselves later - will our child be in therapy relating to his therapist the painful humiliation he experienced? Hopefully not. Of course now that this is written maybe he will be in therapy for airing his dirty laundry.


  1. So sad, yet so funny. I would love to be fly on the wall when Ben is in therapy talking about the "bum exploding" incident.

  2. I'm so sorry Ben, and so sorry Jill you had to do this. I was laughing so hard reading it though. YOu "CRACK" me up! glad he feels better, and I think every child in America has to experience a little constipation and the cha cha's too!