Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swim Lessons

On Monday Gabe had his first swim lesson - with Mommy of course. FYI - for the entire month of June Ben had swimming lessons and did great! Gabe complained to me numerous times - "I wanna go swimming wessons." (verbatim). So, I enrolled him in class 2 evenings/week. I never know when the "two year old" is going to kick in. Those who have two year olds know what I am talking about. Even though the child is excited about something, for some reason a stubborn wind hits and it is "bye bye" cooperation. Gabe goes to the pool all the time and loves to bounce and jump and play in the water. But all of a sudden he is clinging to me like his life depends on it. "Gabe, jump to me!" "Let's splash the water!" "Blow Bubbles!" All of this is said in the sing-song mommy voice that usually gets results, but now sounds a little desparate. All my excitement is met with firm resistance. Finally the teacher hands out little rubber ducks and his resistance melts. The rest of the class went by smoothly. The funniest part is that I found myself comparing Gabe to the other kids - and I am sure I am not the only one. I know that every parent is thinking to themselves "Oh, look how good my little _____ is at kicking his/her legs." "My little _____ scoops so well!" Then we all look expectantly at the teacher willing her to congratulate our child on their excellent bubble blowing. Rather pathetic. I hope I will grow out of it.

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