Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Storm(s)!!

Philadelphia just finished with a record setting string of snow storms that have dumped nearly 3 feet of snow via 3 snow storms over less than 10 days.  With the snow days and the Presidents Day holiday, Ben's been out of school for 6 days straight...and we're expecting another storm to hit Monday night which will surely mean a delayed start on Tuesday, if not another day off.  We enjoyed the time off.  Ben and Gabe went sledding on a small hill by our house.  To make it a bit more exciting I created a jump at the bottom.  I snapped some photos of the boys getting airborne.  My favorite is the one of Gabe flying through the air, huge smile on his face, and his eyes completely covered by his hat.  I also took Ben skiing for his first time.  We went to Blue Mountain, a decent resort, by East Coast standards, about 1 1/2 hours from here.  Ben took a lesson for 2 hours until noon, at which time I went to pick him up.  I was a little concerned when I found him crying.  Turns out he did more standing that skiing because the ski school overbooked and the kids didn't get alot of attention.  Irritated, I decided to take him out and teach him on my own.  Within a few runs we had Ben "making the pizza" (snow plow) with his skis.  I'm excited to get him on the slopes again this year and keep the excitement going.

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