Sunday, March 14, 2010

Other Going's On

First of all, thanks for voting for your favorite name for our baby boy.  Samual was the leader, followed closely by Elias, then Levi.  Once he's born we'll make the final decision based on what he looks like and how we're feeling.  Knick Knack still has a chance!!

Ben and Gabe recently participated in a ward primary talent show.  Gabe was the tamborine man in a three piece band lip syncing to Dorothy Do You Want To Dance With Me by the Wiggles.  The dinosaur? cow? was just a prop.
Ben demonstrated some of his newly developed karate skills.  He also agreed to help his buddy Jake, who wanted to show off his skills with a lightsaber by dueling it out onstage.  Ben's good friend Jake is a very mild mannered, quiet kid who really doesn't like to get up in front of people.  Before getting up on stage they planned out what they would do and the cool moves Jake would demonstrate.  However, when the boys were introduced and the Star Wars music began, things immediately took a turn for the worse.  Jake, apparently nervous about being in front of the entire ward, bolted out from behind the curtain, lightsaber flailing wildy, coming down on Ben like a bat out of ....  Since this was in the church I won't say it, but you know what I mean.  Amazingly though, Ben truly demonstrated his own lightsaber skills by blocking every attempt to lop off head and limb until a hit on the finger caused him to drop his lightsaber and cower in the corner.  At this point, Jake picks up Ben's lightsaber, makes an X with both, and jumps up and down in victory.  You'll notice I only have two pictures of this because when not taking pictures I was busy arguing in my mind whether or not I should rush up on stage and stop the madness.  Thankfully, Jakes mom turned off the music and the battle came to an end.  Ben took it all very well and they were the talk of the talent show.  As for Jake, he will forever be known in our household now as Crazy Jake.

We had our 4th major snowstorm of the winter.  All four occurred within about 3 weeks.  With this storm we decided that the little hill near our home wasn't big enough for sledding, so we decided to head over to Valley Forge National Park to get some in and take some photos. 

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