Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello Family and Friends!

We are stuffed and happy here on the East Coast. We spent Thanksgiving at the Howell's home. Martin and Ally are very gracious and we had a great time there. The food was excellent and so was the company. I have to admit, it is a little chaotic with the munchkins. Eating out or at someone else's home starts to feel a little like a marathon or some sort of mad race. While I am rushing around getting the boys food, Mike is dumping food on my plate. Then, of course Ben and Gabe want nothing to do with what is on their plate, so the negotiations begin. Do you want a banana? How about a roll. Why don't you just eat a bite of each item on your plate. How could you not like mashed potatoes and gravy? You eat chicken all the time - turkey tastes just like it. Then there's Gabe. I have learned that with Gabe I need to put the plate on the table just beyond his reach. He will usually fuss and complain because he is hungry but thinks that nothing on his plate is appealing. After he has hit his complaining quota at the dinner table he will reach for his plate, at which I will nudge it slightly closer. Then, he will pull it towards him and start tasting all his food. If it passes muster, then it is shoveling time - the food goes into his mouth in great handfuls, half of it ending up in his lap. Somewhere in there I am trying to eat my food and get in some of the conversation. Luckily, I wasn't the only one with children there.

After dinner, we played a word card game - Quiddler? Something like that. Fun. At 5:30 the boys (and us) were ready to head home. Tired from the turkey and rich foods. It was perfect - for the most part. We sure miss our family and all our friends. But we are grateful that we are here in PA and for all the wonderful people we have met.

Love you!

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