Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's happening here

This past week has been a crazy week. All week long I prepared for Midnight Madness - crafting mania at the church on Friday night. Mike cut about 70 boards of various sizes and I got all the vinyl ready to apply to the vinyl along with all the stuff to paint the boards, etc. It was a big project but also a big success. I had a great time and the ladies did great in creating their stuff. I'll attach pictures of the stuff we did.
I got my haircut - just a little trim, but it is pretty short. I like it. The boys are doing great. Today Gabe performed on the piano while he sang. Then he played the piano for me while I sang. Very cute. He is not saying many words, that I can identify. He does imitate words the best he can though.
Ben is a busy boy. He is learning how to write his letters and the sounds they make. He is also doing well at writing his name too. It's a lot of fun seeing him get excited about learning. He also has a very busy social life too. That boy loves to play. I think he is like his Dad.

Love you all - have a great week.

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