Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ben is a little weird

My five year old is a strange alien to me sometimes. On Monday night we went to watch Gabe at his swimming lesson with Mike. Ben and I sat outside the pool and watched them through the glass window. It was a half an hour of mommy and Ben time. I certainly hope that Ben is going through a phase because I don't know what I will do if this continues.

Let me clarify for you. First of all he says such strange things - "Mom, what would happen if my brain fell out of my head and it exploded." My response is that of course he would die because we can't live without our brains. Then he says, "Mom, I am going to throw this at that picture and it will break and then the glass will turn into a cracker and then you will eat it and then go AAAck ooooo eeek waaak waaak (imaging strange chicken like noises) and then you will puke it up." In my adult brain I find this all weird, absurd, and yucky. So he pretends to break the glass, feeds me a cracker and I make all sorts of weird noises and facial expressions and then I pretend to puke up the cracker upon his order. He giggles and says I am funny. That makes it all worth it.

So, I have decided that for the time being, my son is a little alien like. I asked Mike if this behavior is normal and he said that his brother Scott told him that little boys go through weird phases like this.

Ben's other obssession is weapons. We don't have any toy guns (except squirt guns) in the house but he still makes them out of Lego's, blocks, whatever he can find. Then he proceeds to run around the house shooting things. We have numerous swords - light sabres and pirate swords. The strangest thing to see is how quickly Gabe is picking this up. He runs around the house with a sword grunting, "I a pirate!" Admittedly, it's a little cute.

Maybe they are aliens because I am a girl and I played with dolls, barbie dolls, and fisher price toys. I guess I have entered another world unfamiliar to my own. At least I have Mike to guide me and other mothers of boys who assuage my fears.

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