Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photography Class

I know that the last thing I need is a new hobby, but I can't help myself. I am a frustrated artist. Some days I want to jump out of my skin because the need to make something is overpowering and being a stay at home mom can be filled with uncreative jobs. I guess I could get creative with my laudry folding abilities. Well - today, I am creative with it - I have laundry all over my bed.

I have enrolled in a photography class with a couple of friends and I am really enjoying it! But, there is one element that I am heartbroken by - I really really really want a fancy new camera. Namely a Nikon D90. Now I know that in these times of economic woes, I should not be thinking about getting an expensive camera. But think of how much money we could save on photography sessions? I am doing my best to pester my DH enough so that he will see that getting this camera would be such a smart thing to do. Of course, I bring up the fact that he needs it as well, because after all, he has expressed a great interest in photography himself and he really needs a hobby. I encourage anyone to send me any tips they might have to help me in my endeavor.

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