Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ben knows how to treat the ladies

Not long ago we went to the store where I ran in to get some stuff. When I came out Ben said, "Hello my beautiful mommy!" "Why thank you!", I replied. Then I walked around to get into the car. When I climbed into the front seat Mike said, "While you were walking around the car Ben said, "She likes it when I say that to her."

I have also written about Ben's little infatuation with Rachel. Apparently it is still going on. In primary, as part of the lesson, the children were throwing a bean bag to each other and when it was thrown, the person throwing it had to say something nice about the person they were throwing to. Ben chose to throw it to Rachel. He said, "I like Rachel because she is cute (at which point Rachel and her friend looked at eachother and said, 'Awwwwww') and she makes me laugh." Where does he learn this stuff? So that is my little Don Juan.

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