Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Valley Forge - March 21, 2009

WE GOT A FANCY NEW CAMERA!!!! Woo Hoo! So, on Saturday we ventured out to Valley Forge to do a little sight seeing and play around with our new toy. I showed Mike how to change the F-stop and aperture so we don't have to use the automatic setting. It is very exciting! Not that I think we will be professional photographers, but it'll be a fun hobby - like I need another one. I should be making dinner right now, by the way.

Gabe really doesn't like his picture taken. He says "Cheezy Wheezy" and then laughs and runs away. I have a lot of photos of Gabe laughing and running away. Here he is pouting and trying not to smile while I attempt to take a photo.

What a handsome man. Love the dimple in the chin - it is so "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast.

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