Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is it October already?

We had a very exciting summer!! I can’t believe that it is already October and we are already making a beeline towards Christmas and 2013!!!
Some highlights from the summer:
It was an extremely hot summer and the only thing we really wanted to do was be somewhere in water or air conditioning.  But we decided to brave the weather, hope for the best and take a family vacation.   We packed out bags and went to Nauvoo and attended the Nauvoo pageant.  Luckily, the weather was AWESOME!  It was actually breezy and cool.  We were able to spend the day outside and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. There were even some people from our ward in the pageant so it was fun to watch.
The boys really enjoyed trying on the pioneer style clothes and playing traditional pioneer games.
Here are some of the pictures.
Our next big adventure was a road trip to spend 2 weeks in Colorado.  It was a looooong drive, but well worth it.   We broke the trip up into two days with an overnight in a somewhat middle location.  On our second day of the journey we went to church in the town we were in and then headed out around 10:30.  Our GPS said we would arrive at Mom and Dad Fairchild’s house at 6:00.  7 1/2 hours – not so bad.  Then when we were at the CO border we realized we had forgotten to adjust for the 1 hour time difference!!!  UGH.  When another hour was added to the journey it started to feel really long.  But, fortunately, it ended and we made it safe and sound and very happy to see family.
The highlight of the trip was a weekend in beautiful Crested Butte.  We couldn’t stop exclaiming over how incredibly beautiful this part of CO is.  I can’t even fully describe it, but it was lush, green, huge mountains, cool mountain air, crisp green lakes.  Oh my.  It was a lot of fun to be holed up with family and to let the children get reacquainted.  Ben was fully enamored by his adorable little cousin Ella.  He loved trying to make her laugh.
Here are some of the pictures.
While in Colorado we went to Waterworld (awesome), the zoo (a family favorite), the Museum of Natural History, the boys went tubing on the lake, and a fun bike ride with Grandma and Grandpa.  I can’t forget to mention several trips to the Urgent Care for ear infections and eye infections, and other fun issues.  I guess that it’s par for the course.  With the awesome comes some yuckiness – fortunately it’s more awesome than yucky.
Here are more pictures.

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