Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Owen

When we were in CO, we went to Dave and Robyn's house (Dave is Mike's brother) to visit with them and their adorable addition - Owen. Gabe was enamoured with the baby. When he saw him he held out his little hands and said, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!" He couldn't wait to hold him. So, I put Gabe in my lap and put Owen in Gabe's lap. Gabe just giggled with delight. It was really cute. Then Robyn asked me if I was ready to have another. I'll admit that seeing a sweet little baby did give me a little twinge of desire. But, then Gabe tried to squirm his way out from under the baby and I tried to keep the baby from falling on the floor while Gabe pushed his way out. No, I am not ready to have a baby while I have a busy 2 year old. 3 years old is not far away, though.

Speaking of 2 year olds, we have declared a moratorium on travelling with any children that are 18 months to 3 years old. They go through this really horrible airplane incompatible stage. We try to keep him happy in his prison of a chair (we bring the car seat), but no amount of movies or shows can keep Gabe happy. Every 40 minutes or so he would scream. (Mike and I switch Gabe watch - Mike had him on the 5 hour flight to CO, I had him on the 4 hour 15 minute flight - which ended up being about 6 hours because we had to sit on the runway). At one point on Mike's watch, during a screaming jag, Gabe decided a different tactic. He looked Mike square in the face and said, "I WANT OUT!" Message heard, but denied! Gabe would scream to get out, then we would have a reprieve while he played and walked around the plane. Then, when we were told to get back to our seats because of turbulence, Gabe would arch his back and scream for 20 more minutes. These minutes are so desperate! I tried everything - singing, books, playing games, threats, covering his mouth, ignoring - all to no avail. He screams til he's done. So, to all friends and family in the West - we love you so much and miss you, but we will not be making any more trips with Gabe til he is 3 or 3 1/2. However, I may be taking a trip with Ben - who is an angel on the plane!

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