Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Morning

Here we have the boys surveying all the loot that the Easter Bunny left them. Ben pretended that the Easter Bunny exists, but when we got to church, the Primary Pres. - Margie, asked Ben if the Easter Bunny came to visit. Ben responded, " The Easter Bunny isn't real." I have to admit, I don't really foster the imaginary creatures or beings that are linked to certain holidays or events. I get a little flummoxed whenever they ask me about Santa or the Easter Bunny. Do I continue with the lie? I know that everyone says that it is magical and fun but what do I say when Ben asks if they are real? Oh well. I was never raised with it - Mom would just say - "No, Santa doesn't bring presents, we do." Sorry to all those Easter Bunny, Santa Lovers. I know that I have rained on your parade! Let's just say that I have been known to say, "Ben, you need to go to bed, otherwise Santa won't bring you presents on Christmas!" How's that for passing the buck!

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