Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Stuff

I have a good friend Tamara and we go to her house and vice versa pretty often. However, I am shocked that she ever invites us to her house after all the mishaps my little boys have had there. Ben has peed all over the floor (carpet), gone number 2 in his pants and had to do a quick change into girl's clothes (Tamara has two little girls about the same age as Ben & Gabe).

Then, about 2 weeks ago, I was over at her house watching the kids and Gabe had a little cold. The kids had been having a grand old time, running around, screaming - the usual and Gabe started to cough uncontrollably just as Tamara walked in the door. The dreaded gagging started and pretty soon he was barfing up juice all over me, him, and the floor. Sorry Tamara! Sorry! Then a week later, she graciously watched the boys at her house while Mike and I went to a movie. When we got back to take the boys home Gabe was wearing a fancy new outfit. Tamara chuckled and informed me that Gabe had diarrhea and it leaked down his leg. Sorry Tamara! Sorry! Thankfully, we are still good friends.

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