Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's COLD here!

Well, winter has hit - with bitter cold winds that make our faces pinched. This past week has been busy, like all the others. Our ward (in conjunction with another ward) is putting on a "Night of Nativities" and I was asked to help with acquisitions - or rather "Director of Acquisitions". Apparently the woman who heads this up is very corporate saavy so everyone is given an important title. So, this past week I spent three nights at the church "acquiring" nativity sets. On Saturday we saw the Nativities all set up and it was actually quite beautiful. There were about 400 nativities on display including one live nativity with chickens and sheep. The donkey is too much of a curmudgeon to join up. People from all over come to see this - members and non-members alike. Pretty cool.

The boys are staying busy and in turn keeping me busy. Ben has a very busy social calendar. Preschool and multiple play dates throughout the week. As soon as I tell him we are going to someone's house or that someone is coming over he immediately starts asking me how many minutes til the playdate. I'm not that good at math. He also asks me how many minutes til his birthday. We haven't even had Christmas yet. Ben is so smart. He has been working on learning the sounds of letters lately. He has a leap-pad and he will tell me, "Mom, I need to work on my letters." Ben has also learned how to use Playstation II. Mike and Ben have been playing Lego Star Wars. Most of the time Ben runs in circles shooting everything in sight, but slowly he is getting better. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Gabe is still my silly little man. He has so much enthusiasm. Whenver I say, "Let's go to the basement", he shakes his little fists, does a one legged jump and enthusiastically says, "YES!" It is too cute. He is saying so many words now. It makes me a little sad because it means he is growing up and I am not ready for that. I love the little toddler years.

We are excited for Christmas. I finally got the Christmas tree decorated, but that is about it. I have no idea where to put the other decorations, so I may wait til next year to get them out. But the tree and Christmas music are my favorite things. That is all I need for that Christmas feeling.

Love you all!


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