Friday, December 28, 2007

Toys R Us in NYC

In this picture, you can see that Ben is very excited about being in Toys R Us. Actually he really wanted a toy, which of course would happen on Christmas.
The temper tantrum is over!! We got a smile!
Times Square and both boys are more interested in what is going on around them.
So, here is how the trip went. We drove into Newark, NJ which took about 1 1/2 hours. Ben asked us about 30 times if we were there yet. Almost, Almost was the constant reply. I think I remember that when I was little I asked that question a lot. Then we rode the train into Penn Station. Once we got there, we went into Toys R Us. As a parent, we thought that this would be so exciting!! Lots of things to look at and there is a ferris wheel inside that was very fun to watch. But, as a parent, we seem to learn the same thing over and over - DO NOT GO INTO TOY STORES IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION TO BUY A TOY!!! Especially during Christmas time when ther are 500 people crammed into a store that is difficult to get around in the first place. There should be a warning outside the door. LOTS OF PEOPLE AND LOTS OF TOYS - DO NOT ENTER UNLESS PURCHASING A TOY. Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball with me that would tell me what would happen when we did certain things with the munchkins.
After going to the toy store we had big plans to have a meal in a decent restaurant or deli. But as we passed the McDonald's in Time's Square and heard shouts of "Chicken Nuggets and Fries!" from our little men, we realized there was no point in going anywhere else. Oh well. Next up was Rockefeller Center. We rode the subway up to 50th. Ben and Gabe did great (with some food in their belly). Riding the train was a highlight for the boys. I think we could've just ridden the subway all day and they would have been perfectly happy.
So, we saw the tree, saw the penny farm, saw a couple windows at Saks Fifth Avenue (very cute), stopped and had hot chocolate, and headed for the train back to home. All in all, the boys did great. Ben walked quite a while before he got tired and asked to be held.
Overall, I'd say we are glad we went. We wanted to go into the city for Christmas and WE DID! I am not so sure I will do it again while the kiddies are little.
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