Friday, January 11, 2008

Gabe eating his cake

Gabe loves food - especially if it is sweet and chocolatey!

Gabe playing with the bubble blower - he loves bubbles - what two year old doesn't!
I can't believe that he is two already. It makes me a little sad. He is more a little boy than a baby. He is so much fun though. He loves to ham it up and be silly, he adores his older brother Ben (he has many bumps and bruises from trying to do everything Ben does), and he loves to snuggle and cuddle. He still believes that Mommy and Daddy kisses can cure any owie, and when he hears "no, no, no" he generally listens. People say that the two's are terrible, but I have been a witness of a headstrong four year old and it frankly makes a two year old look like a walk in the park! (I love my Ben too!)
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