Friday, January 11, 2008

Gabe is 2!!

Gabe admiring his new cars - he love Disney cars. Grandma Featherstone gave Gabe a group of cars and he struggled trying to hold all five of them at once. He takes them everywhere he goes. He'll say,"Done cars." and hand them to me. So I put them aside and two seconds later he'll desparately say,"Cars! Cars!". We do this little drama over and over.

Playing with the cars that Grandma Fairchild gave him. The red car moves on it's own after you shake it. So, Gabe figured it was easier to throw the car and have it bounce several times, turn it on it's wheels and it speeds away on it's own. Much easier and more fun than shaking it.

Gabe know seems to understand that there are some toys that are exclusively his. Most of the time he is okay with Ben playing with some of them. But every once in a while he remembers - hey that is my toy and the screaming begins - from both Ben and Gabe. It is so much fun to play referee.

Ben showing us another fierce fighting pose. He has been wearing his power ranger costume all week.
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