Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's a happening here

It is almost February - cold and windy. No snow. This is the month that I start to look forward eagerly to spring. It is the post holiday doldroms. At least it is not Utah with the inversion and lack of sun. Just blustery cold.

All is well here at the Fairchild home despite the constant stream of boogers and incessant coughing - not me of course. Took Ben to the Dr.'s office today for a followup and it turns out that he has pneumonia - still. How was I supposed to know? He has all the symptoms of a cold and cough but I guess things are different for my little munchkin. Also, he just never seems to slow down unless he has a fever and is throwing up or having a coughing fit. Oh well.

I am working with Ben on developing reading skills. He is not reading yet, but he is understands the sounds all the letters make so I am trying to help him understand phonics. It is funny to watch him because he lasts for about 20 minutes before he starts to squirm and lose interest. He'll start talking about transformers or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and that is when I know it is getting close to end time. He is all boy - learning has to be activity related.

Mike is busy with work, trying to make a buck or two - which seem to fly out the door awful quick.

Nothing too new to report though. We are looking forward to having a fun year - with friends and family visiting and doing some sightseeing in the area.
Love to all!

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