Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adventure with Flu Shots

Since winter approaches, the dreaded season of sickness, all of us got the flu shot. It is a bit more complicated for my medically challenged little boy, Ben.

I went to the doctor expecting to be there about 1 hour. I wish. They did two allergy tests on him - on one each arm. They basically poked him with some stuff that causes him to get really itchy and he is not allowed to touch it. I hold him while he screams, "It's itchy!!" Then the doctor decided that he didn't like the results of the scratch test and that he was going to have to get his flu shot in six doses with 15 minutes in between each dose to make sure that he didn't have a severe reaction. Ben looooved this. After the second shot he was ready to go. So was I. They had to give him 2 shots in each leg and 1 in each arm - they would have given him more in the arms, but they said his arms were too skinny. During one shot, he saw blood and Ben freaks when he sees blood. He will talk about that for years, I am sure. Ben was really great though, considering the situation. He colored on the tissue paper covering the bed - he drew a scary monster and then hid under the table til the nurses came in. He said, "When the ladies come in, they will be scared by the monster and their pants will fall off!!" He giggled with delight at the thought of it.

When we were finally done, I took him to Target and bought him a Lego set and then went to McDonald's. I think he deserved it!

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