Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Halloween was a blast. We went to our good friend's house - the Anderson's, had pizza, played around a bit and then went trick or treating in their neighborhood. The boys were soooo cute and excited about going from house to house. Gabe was doing so great at first - he would only take one piece of candy. By the end of the night, he was trying to filch handfuls and I guess he is cute enough that everyone let him get away with it. Except for me and I was met with a screaming, rage-filled, candy denied two and a half year old - as I made him put some candy back. Gabe was a Jedi Knight and Ben was a Dragon Warrior Ninja. I admit, that I went a little overboard with Halloween. As soon as the Halloween stuff went on sale at Target, I went and had a little bit of a purchasing frenzy. 75% OFF!!! You can't beat that. So, next year we will be decked out with lots of skeletons and spooky stuff.

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