Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Morning and No Work Day with Dad mishmash



I had a weird contact (as in eye contact) experience this morning.  I was getting ready to go to the temple this morning – moving along at a finely tuned pace, which means I was rushing through my morning so I could make it to the 10:00 session.  FYI – I have been wearing contacts now for about 1 1/2 months and I truly love them.  I like being able to exercise at the gym without pushing my sweaty glasses up my nose. However, sometimes putting them in is challenging for me.  I finesse, I cajole, I plead, and finally I meditate to regain my Zen so I can get the little darn things in. This morning I got the right one in magically well.  The left one went in well, at least I thought it did.  I noticed that my vision was kind of wonky and my eye felt like it had sand in it so I tried to take the contact out.  Mysteriously the contact was gone.  I felt around to locate it but could not find it.  Well, it must be lost so I opened up another contact lens and put it in.  Again, my vision was lopsided. I tried to remove the contact and it had vanished from my eye AGAIN! 

This is where I lost it.  Not only was I freaking out but I was running late!  Could it be lost IN MY EYE?!!!  I looked up online “can contacts get stuck behind eye”.  Sure enough there were lots of lots of posts.  They said something like “close your eye and roll it around from side to side.  If the contact does not attach, then proceed to the ER.”  I laid on the bed, closed my eye and rolled it around.  I said a prayer – I mean I wanted to go to the temple for heaven’s sake!  I meditated to calm my nerves and then after ten minutes of struggling with what to do next, I went into the bathroom and started massaging my eyelid – the part that felt like it had speck of sand in it and pretty soon TWO contacts slid to the corner of my eye!!!!!  I was overcome with relief! I did miss my temple time, but I am going tomorrow night so I can still thank Heavenly Father for helping me get through that minor debacle.


Tonight while driving home from a dinner out, Mike and I were talking about his job when Ben piped up that he would like to do a “Join Daddy for Work Day”.  Mike explained to Ben how that would be lots of fun but Ben couldn’t come to do hospital visits with him because he didn’t have all the appropriate shots (Mike has been vaccinated for about every illness known so that he doesn’t bring any diseases in).  Then Mike added, “But you can come downstairs and hang out with me while I work in my office in the basement and then we can go out to lunch!”

Ben’s response was priceless, “Nooo, I would rather endure a day of learning at school than do that.  That sounds boring.”  That is exactly how he said it too!

What can one say to that?  Too true, too true.

Photo A Day Mishmash

Here are my photos from the “Photo A Day” Challenge.


This is really how I write.  I slur my letters together and hopefully the word is legible.


“A Fave Photo of You”

Me and My sweetheart.


“Where You Work”

I work all over my house and with my kiddies, but this is the work I love to do for myself.  Right now I am doing a painting for the boy’s room of the Solar System.


“Your Shoes”

They are hideously ugly, completely utilitarian but they are the most comfortable shoes I own.  I only wear them in the house and I wear them year round.  How I love my crocs.


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