Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Florence, Italy

Our last day in Tuscany! We were so sad to leave it! Since we lost a day trying to retrieve our camera, we decided to spend a couple of hours wandering the streets of Florence. I loooove Florence. I love the Renaissance, the artwork, the history and Florence was the center of it. We saw the Duomo, walked to Ponte Vecchio, shopped in the market at San Lorenzo. It was a beautiful day and we were sad to leave it behind. But, all good things must come to an end. We were also excited to get back to PA and see our little boys - who we missed very much! It was a fabulous trip! Justine and Bryan's wedding was beautiful - I was honored to be asked to take photos (I hope I wasn't too annoying). Fiora and Brian (Justine's parents) were amazing hosts and Italy was spectacular. Mike and I kept saying to eachother on our last day "We have got to come back!" Hopefully for our 20th anniversary we can return to Italy.

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