Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things I learned from the Italians

1. Always have your cell phone with you and talk on it all the time.
2. Wear harem pants - ladies run out and get them now - MC Hammer pants are back in vogue!!
3. Don't wear very much makeup because it will melt off by the end of the day anyway.
4. Mangia, Mangia, Mangia!
5. If you want good Italian food in Rome, get out of the main tourist area - head towards the neighborhoods.
6. If you are a male, ogle any attractive female you see.
7. If you are a female and are being ogled, ignore it.
8. Give lots of kisses.
9. When you are saying goodbye to the love of your life, kiss them passionately - not just passionately, but like the end of the world is coming and the saliva from your partner is the only thing that will keep you alive!!!!
10. Wear heels everywhere, even if you are walking a couple of miles.
11. Make sure that you are covered head to toe in name brand.
12. Say whatever comes to your mind whenever you feel like it.
13. Don't wear deodorant.
14. Eat the yummiest food and take a long time do it!
15. Don't ever be in a rush for any reason.

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