Saturday, June 20, 2009

The word Ben taught Sophia

On Tuesday our friends Tamara, Sophia, and Sydney came over to have lunch and play. They play great together. Sydney and Gabe are the partners in crime - they always seem to sneak away and find a little bit of trouble. Ben and Sophia come up with great dramas, they have very vivid imaginations.

Ben and Sophia used their creativity to find a way into the attic - the door is locked and the attic is off limits. Hence, the attic is the most appealing location in our house. Ben (who doesn't know how to keep secrets and will unabashedly admit to anything) came downstairs and giddily announced that he and Sophia had used his bunkbed ladder to get the key to the attic door (which was hooked up high on the door) and had been spending some time up there. I confiscated the key and reprimanded Ben.

Later, when Tamara was driving home with her kids Sophia admitted that she should not have gone into the attic, but there were so many neat toys up there. This is true - the attic is where the toys go that have been left on the floor for too long. It is a temporary or final resting place for the toys. Anyway, Sophia went on to tell Tamara that Ben had taught her a new word that he had learned at school. Sophia said that she was not sure if it was a bad word. Tamara gently persuaded Sophia to reveal the word. Sophia said, "I can't really remember what it is. I know it starts with an F." Tamara gently responded, "It's ok, you can tell me what it is, I won't get upset with you." At this point I am terrified as Tamara is telling me this story. I am fully expecting the worst but am trying to look calm. I say to Tamara, "Is it fart?" Hoping to death that it is not the big F word. Tamara says, "just listen".

Then Sophia went on to explain - "Well it has something to do with ancestors and Egypt." Tamara asks, "Is it.....pharoah?" "YES! That's the word!"

Thank heavens!!! New words are always fun, but of course they are much more interesting when they are shared in the forbidden attic.

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