Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Vatican

On Monday we got all geared up to go to the Vatican. The guidebook said go after lunch, the lines are smaller, but for some reason we didn't believe it. It was a Monday morning and who was out sightseeing on a Monday morning, right? Well, besides us, there was about 500 people standing in line and about 20 tour groups (with about 30 people each). Inside, we shuffled and jockeyed for a spot to view each of the rooms. We listened to the audiotour, which was pretty good - I would recommend it! The Sistine Chapel was the piece de resistance, of course. We found ourselves a seat on the edge and looked upwards for as long as our necks could take it. It is truly spectacular. How cool is it to be looking at the work created by the hands of Michelangelo?

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