Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Only one catastrophe

We left Rome on Tuesday morning and took the train to Florence. Once we got to the train station, we bought a couple of maps and set out to get a taxi to take to our rental car. As we were putting our bags in the taxi Mike looked at me with enormous, panic stricken eyes and uttered a couple curse words. "What? What?!!" "I left the camera on the train!!!" I about fainted!! We grabbed our bags and Mike ran in to try and catch the train, which I was certain had already left the station. He left me outside the train station, so I sat on the luggage and tried to read my book. I think I uttered about 50 prayers. I experienced a range of emotions - panic, submission, desperation, - none of them positive. Mike came out after an eternity of waiting and said that at customer service they had called the train and were going to locate the bag and then one of us would have to go to Milan to pick it up.

So, I got on the next train to Milan, rode 2 hours and managed to miraculously retrieve our camera!!! I can't even believe it to this day!! I spent 6 hours on a train, dropped an extra 100 euros but it was all worth it! Who would think that on an Italian train a camera could be retrieved? MIRACULOUS!!

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