Friday, January 20, 2012

Cook's Country Cooking Time

For something interesting to do and because I love food and sort of love making it, I am going to cook every item in my favorite cooking magazine - "Cook's Country". The most recent magazine covers February/March.

Tonight I am making "Pan Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables" and "Quicker Turtle Brownies". Now just an FYI... I am terrific at cooking, not so great at baking. For some reason I am always rushing through the recipe and skipping steps or not reading the recipe correctly and it all goes to pot. I also feel like a drill sargeant is barking orders to me through the recipe and I have a little bit of an issue with authority figures. I keep wanting to do things my way. Or some other way.

However, I will not be dissuaded by failed attempts. I will try again till I get it right. I can already tell you that I have to remake the brownies because I did not follow directions precisely and I was left a little flummoxed as to why I didn't have enough brownie mix to put on top of the caramel center.

Let me illustrate for you....

Here is where we start - I have my pan lined in tin foil and all the right ingredients.


Now here is where things go awry - instead of putting 3/4 cup of brownie mix into the pan I put 3/4 of the mix into the pan. Woops. After I "parcook" the bottom part of the brownie (according to the directions) I put on the lovely, fragrant pecans and then drizzle on the ooey gooey caramel.  Then I get ready to put on the rest of the brownie mixture. And I realize I don't have enough brownie mixture to cover the entire pan.  WHY NOT? Did I not make enough? No, I just did not follow directions. So I am sure we will eat this fine, yummy mess of brownie, but I am still going to remake this, by golly, and I will get it right this time!!!

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