Monday, January 23, 2012

To Groom or Not to Groom

This morning as we were sitting down for breakfast Mike grimaced at Ben's hair which pretty much looked like he had a bit of rooster thing on the side of his head.  Mike said, "Jill are you going to comb his hair?" 
Me: "Well no. I don't think he cares what it looks like."
Mike gave me one of those sidelong glares.
Me: "Ben, do you care what your hair looks like?"
Ben: "No."
Me: "OK, there you have it."
After Ben and Gabe made their mad dash to the bus I asked Mike why was it so important that Ben's hair was nicely groomed.
Mike: "Well because it's a reflection on us."
I had about a dozen snarky remarks ready to let fly, but I restrained myself. Probably because most of the remarks weren't clever - and I didn't want to start the morning off in any more of a bad way.
We ended it with an agreement - Ben needs a haircut.

Anyway - is it really a reflection on us? On me? The only time I do their hair is on Sunday. Gabe goes to school with a minor rat's nest on the back of his head almost every day. I try to smooth it out as best as possible (without using spit), but it doesn't do much. I just feel like it is not that important. I pester them every morning and night about a bunch of other things and there are just some things that I am willing to overlook.

Success with the "Quicker Turtle Brownies"

On Sunday I remade the Quicker Turtle Brownies from "Cook's Country" and they turned out beautiful and YUMMY! I hope you get the chance to make them because they are worth the effort - apparently quicker than the original recipe.  I shudder to think.

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