Monday, January 30, 2012

Gabe's Birthday at the insane yet efficient Chuck E Cheese


For Gabe's birthday (post birthday birthday party) we went to Chuck E Cheese with about 9 of Gabe's friends.  It was like a party exploded all over the place and children were flowing out of it.  I think there were about 5 birthday parties going on and numerous other children just there to burn some energy.  However, amidst all the chaos it was a tightly run ship.  For the most part. The kids played video games and burned through their coins for one hour.  Then we were all called to our table to eat pizza and enjoy the Chuck E Cheese show.  I must admit that the show was kind of on the measly side. But my memory may be decieving me. I remember Chuck E Cheese's being HUGE! There was an enormous stage, up in front. When the lights went dim and the spotlights would start flashing and we knew it was time to run to the front to watch all the robot characters start singing. I thought it was magical! What happened to all of that? Anyway, Gabe got to hang out with Chuck E himself and I guess he was sort of excited.  The highlight was the ticket booth - Gabe got to catch the tickets as they blew all around him.  He caught the magic tickets and ended up with 1480 tickets. That got him the crazy blue ball that the boys promptly turned into a hat when we got home.  See picture of Sammy below.  All in all it went pretty well.  I didn't have to do a whole lot of work, which is what I wanted in the first place.

Burning through his coins.

Just barely letting Chuck E touch him.  I am okay with that.

Inside the ticket booth.  Very exciting.

Displaying the magic tickets.

Sam modeling Gabe's loot.

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